"Mom's Locked Up"

As the number of people now in prison passes two million, an increasing percentage of them are women. Over half of them are mothers. And while most of these women have committed nonviolent crimes, they are effectively separated from their children for months or even years at a time. Since 1998, this multimedia project has documented the experiences of nine women as they struggle to parent their children while behind bars and then to heal their children's deep wounds once they are released. The original project was published as an eighteen-page story, "Lost In The Shuffle" in DoubleTake Magazine. The ongoing project has been funded by a grant from the Soros Foundation.

From The Boston Globe

Using the inmates’ words as well as her own, she chronicles the many failures, both personal and institutional, along with the program’s few successes. What could have been a maudlin portrait of the down and out becomes a moving mosaic of the disenfranchised precisely because Leventhal lets the women speak."

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